Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stuff First Graders Say

(My own first grader Eliot)
1) You are my second best friend. No, wait, actually you are my third best friend.
2) Let's pretend we're puppies.
3) Wow, you have such a big book bag.
4) I really like him, his hair is so smooth.
5) I missed you with all of my heart.
6) I don't like the holidays because they took away my friends.
7) I can't wait to be six and a half.
8) I wish I could fly.
9) I shouldn't even call you, Daddy, I should call you 'good job.'
10) How tall do I have to be to have a sleepover?


  1. Awww, she's a cutie.

  2. Thanks-I guess we'll keep her...

  3. You should consider stand-up comedy!

  4. Bellissimo... Stefania è in terza elementare, esattamente 'a metà strada' tra Eliot e Alexander!

  5. Grazie Cristina, spero di conoscerla un giorno-dice delle cose fantastiche!