Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stuff Expat Moms in Singapore Say

It doesn't rain that much...
1. I love the weather here.
2. I hate the weather here.
3. I miss the seasons.
4. Do you have a maid?
5. Should I get my hair rebonded?
6. I'm thinking of getting a car.
7. Don't even think about getting a car.
8. My husband is in China right now.
9. My husband is in India right now.
10. Are you going home for the summer?
11. I'm definitely not going home for the summer.
12. Isn't Singapore Airlines great?
13. I love Bali.
14. Lombok is the way Bali used to be.
15. I read it in the Straits Times.
16. Singapore is so safe.
17. I read the New York Times on line.
18. Where do your kids go to school?
19. Is that fee per year
20. My kids have mycoplasma.
21. My kids need more Mandarin.
22. If I lived in a house I would definitely get a dog.
23. When did you get back?
24. Are you jetlagged?
25. My husband is learning Mandarin...please, let this not mean we're moving to China.


  1. Awesome!!!

    ...can't wait to be back in Singapore!

  2. And we can't wait to see you! Your March 18th concert is going to be so fun!

  3. Love this list :) tweeting this link & hope your blog gets more readers from twitter as this goes viral ;-)

  4. This is a great list!!

  5. ha ha.. love your writting Jennifer.. misses the times at CNIS.
    Jannie Krarup