Friday, August 23, 2013

Diary of An Expat in Singapore...The Book is Here!

Look what just arrived in the mail!
Diary of An Expat in Singapore, the book based on the blog, was published and released this week by Marshall Cavendish! And this box of first copies is the best package I received all year.
Who am I kidding: Best Package Ever!

I want to thank you all for having read this blog, sent me your insightful comments and questions, and generally inspired me to keep writing. There would be no blog without readers. A lot of sweat and determination (coffee and oreos) have gone into this.

Diary of An Expat in Singapore is now available in bookstores everywhere.
I can't wait to hear if you like it!!


  1. Woohoo!! Break out the champagne-you did it!

  2. Well done-going out to buy it now!!

  3. Getting this on my book club's list!

  4. Bravo Jennifer-can't wait to read it!