Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life is Stranger Than Fiction

My editor just called with the surreal news that, after just one week, Diary of An Expat in Singapore is the number one bestseller at Kinokuniya in the popular culture category. Now I feel a little guilty I complained about where the book was placed. The saying: "Location, location, location," definitely is not limited to real estate. Note to self: in another lifetime become best friends with bookshop staff before publishing a book. Forget about literary agents, it's the people in charge of book shelves who really hold your fate. In one bookshop, my book was next to Diary of Anne Frank (seriously?), in another it was placed in Military Highlights (because my Dad was a green beret?) and in another it actually took me, and two very friendly staff members, fifteen minute to even locate the book...
But as they say: life is stranger than fiction. Somebody must have found it after all. 


  1. Woohoo!!! YOu must be so excited!!

  2. I love it-and will be buying copies for my friends back home!

  3. Couldn't put it down-very funny!!