Thursday, August 15, 2013

Perks of Travelling With Kids

"Can we stay another night?"

The perks of travelling with kids. No, this is not the title of a science fiction novel or an example of a witty oxymoron. These perks really do exist, for example:

1) When travelling with kids, you get to board planes first.
2) You rarely feel crowded on ferries. The question: "Did you remember your vomit bag?" works magic.
3) You always eat extra food at restaurants. (Choose their dish wisely.)
4) You have an excellent excuse to not do just about anything: visit archeological ruins, accept invitation from a distant relative, meet up at a faraway location or attend a conference. "I'd love to...but, you know, with the kids..."
5) You get to gauge the cleanliness of public bathrooms everywhere.
6) You get to see cartoons in foreign languages.
7) Occasionally, somebody takes a liking to your kids and gives them a free gift, like a glass blown horse from Murano or a Venetian mask (see above).  There's Halloween sorted.

I'm sure there are plenty of other perks I'm missing but I can't come up with anything. Seeing my brain has turned to mush from... traveling with kids.
Please do add your own below.


  1. When you ask for more breadsticks nobody looks at you suspiciously...

  2. Somebody go to Venice?!!

  3. The possibility of play-dough in your hair...

  4. Jennifer, I like your blog and loved it on