Saturday, August 17, 2013

An Italian Visitor's Impressions

"Ma c'e' sempre cosi' caldo qui?" ("Is it always so hot here?")

Alexander and Eliot's cousin Luca has come back with us from Verona to spend a couple of weeks here in Singapore. These are some of his first impressions:

After just one hour, Luca: "Is it always so hot here?"

After a couple of hours: "It feels like the jungle."

Later that day: "I have heard a lot about bacon. Do you have bacon here?"

After the bacon: "Was that dinner or just a snack?"

That night: "This rice doesn't taste like risotto. Oh, and I forgot to tell you I don't like Chinese food."

Later that night: "This building has 30 floors? I thought my building was high and it's three stories."

Next morning: "Can we have more bacon?!"

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  1. everything is relative...
    some kids get in touch with this concept early
    others... only in their 60es
    and still don;t like bacon!
    (or Chinese or Japanese food for the matter)

  2. Notice the sweaty face...yup, Singapore.

  3. Italian Food is better of course! Luca enjoy your trip and have fun! By your school friend Mattia.